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The role of the sewing machine in WW2

Harold Montgomery never saw action during world war two, but he played an important role in the air force. He was drafted by the air force/government to… You guessed it, to repair sewing machines. Why you ask? Simple, planes at that time had an inner lining and not just any type of sewing machine, but industrial sewing machines. Remember every skill was needed for the war effort, and his skill was in high demand.  I remember Grandpa talking about how he owned a store in Oklahoma City during WW2. How he was approached three different times the first two they asked him to come work at Douglas Aircraft because they needed his skills working on sewing machines. He explained that he had a store that he needs to run and customer that depended on him. The third time they asked and he declined and gave the same reason he had the first two times, but they ordered him to report to Douglas Aircraft sewing division

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